Clarence S. (“Pork”), and Loretta M. Reazer started this family owned
business in 1968.  Back then it was called ‘
Clarence S. Reazer Auto Sales
and Parts
’.  The main focus of the business at that time was the sale of used
automobiles and used automobile parts.  Scrap metal was secondary to the
car sales and parts business.  For many long years, Pork and Loretta
worked and sacrificed to grow a struggling business while at the same time,
raising seven kids.
 Now, more than forty years later, we’re still here. Pork
and Loretta are gone now, but the business they built still carries on.  At one
time or another, all seven children have been a part of the business.
Reazer’s is run by owner Bob Reazer, with sisters Bernice and Jeannette
working for him.

       Over the years, the name of the company has changed a few times, as
well as the primary objective of the business.
 It was at one time or another
known as ‘
Clarence S. Reazer Auto Sales and Parts', ‘Reazer’s Auto Sales
and Parts
’, ‘Reazer’s Auto Sales’, ‘Reazer’s Auto Parts’, ‘Reazer and Sons
Iron and Metal
', and finally, ‘Reazer’s Recycling, Inc.’, our current name.
Each change of the name was a reflection on the focus of the business at
that time.  The auto sales and auto parts portion of the business has been
replaced by the scrap metal side, and is largely non-existent.  While there is
still the occasional car or auto parts purchase made, it is by no means a
factor in our business plan any longer.

       Today, we are involved in all aspects of the recycling industry, from
cardboard and scrap metal recycling to garbage collection and disposal. We
have a solution to accommodate you, whatever your recycling needs. Want
to sell your scrap metal? Our prices are very competitive.  Need a new
garbage collector?  Our prices will beat the competition. Need a container
for the big jobs? We have the size you need at a price you can afford.
Reazer’s, your satisfaction is our goal.
 So give us a call, or stop by
today.  You’ll be glad you did.
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